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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

I opened up my mailbox yesturday to find my both a half finished pair of Sock War socks destined for my next target, and my death socks. It's official, my days in Sock Wars are over. Javajem took pics of my awesome socks that came to me from a great lady named Helen in England. I will post the pictures when I get them. She even sent me a little chocolate treat in one of the socks. It was almost as good as the socks! I felt so spoiled.

The socks were the first thing that Helen had made for anyone outside of her family, and they were the first hand knit item someone else had ever knit for me. It is amazing knowing someone I don't know made something for me. My son would say that the feeling I have is like someone is hugging my heart! This is the feeling I hope that many people will get when they receive the items we knit for them and collect this Saturday!!!!!!!! We make so many things that we forget how special it is to get these items.

Have a great knitting day


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