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Sunday, May 27, 2007

As I was quietly knitting under the shade of a tree yesterday at 'A Good Yarn' (yes, I was doing something quietly), I could not help but wonder why I was so blazing hot. I had dressed for a warm day with comfy sandals, a loose fitting long skirt, and a tank top. I should have been comfortable knitting in the shade. So why was I sweating profusely? I tried running cool water on my wrists, I drank a ton of water, I even started fanning myself. All of this was of no use. I continued to sweat.

Finally, it occurred to the blond. I was knitting my shawl with a wool/silk blend that was balled up on my lap. Also, it turned out to be a lot hotter than the 88 degrees that was forecasted. It was 95 degrees. Gee, no wonder I was sweating. I think I've seen the last of the shawl until the weather cools down a bit!

Now the dilemma will be what socks to start next. Decisions, decisions.

Hope everyone who doesn't have to work is enjoying the holiday weekend.

Happy Knitting!


  • It was such a nice day out wish I was able to enjoy it:( Allergies were killing me. By chance were you able to see the game?

    By Anonymous shannon, at 8:37 AM  

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