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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Anything hand knit is tangible love. It's a gift of self. And the knitters of those garments are giving their wearers a permanent hug.
-Bruce Hallmark
Interweave Knits
What an amazing day! Thank you to all who came and knit the day away. It was great to see so many people I already knew, as well as meet so many new friends. And we even had to get kicked out at 6:00!
I apologize to any knitters who came late. I crashed around 2 due to the heat and lack of rest this week. I didn't get to fully thank everyone for all of their wonderfulness. Every last stitch was appreciated, and I regret no being able to express to you all how full it made my heart to see your collective hard work. Thank you so much!
Your donations to the FISH food pantry was amazing as well! Your generosity is overwhelming.
Pictures of all will follow, including our big bug mascot for the day.
Finally... some sleep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Happy Knitting!


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