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Friday, September 28, 2007

Someone has made a very big mistake! That mistake has led to me being in control of some sock yarn that I cannot keep my hands off of. However, this very yarn is not meant for my grubby hands. This AMAZING yarn has been donated for the Knit-A-Thon next weekend. What has me going so nuts? After all, it's not like I don't already possess a lot of sock yarn.

Storm Moon Knits hand dyed yarn!!!!!!!!!!!!! To be specific, her superwash sock yarn in the RockaBilly Blues colorway is clutched to my body in my left hand as I type with my right. Miss Lindsay is such a talented designer, and now she is outdoing herself with these new yarns. AND I HAVE TO GIVE IT AWAY????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAUUGGHH. The injustice of it all!

If I run away and leave the country you will know the real reason is that I could not bear to part with my precious! My pretty pretty yarn.

Not mine. Must... stop...touching.

Oh yeah, she also donated very cool stitch markers, too. They go so perfectly with the sock yarn that I am going to have to keep them together as a prize. Splitting them up as two separate prizes would be like dividing twins at birth. It didn't work for Lindsay Lohan in 'The Parent Trap', it won't work now.

Reminder to all, 8 days left to knit your charity projects. Loads of time for little people projects. Maybe even some little cat or dog toys for the Animal Shelter. Whatever you are knitting, We are so glad you are participating!

Happy Knitting!


  • Her yarn makes me want to hurl, it's so pretty. I'd go halfsies with you on a place in a foreign land if you'd be willing to split up the bounty.

    By Blogger Lindsay, at 7:03 PM  

  • I saw the yarn last night. Wow! The turquoise is so vivid. And soft too.

    By Blogger brsmaryland, at 9:05 PM  

  • as i was driving away last night, i thought to myself, "dumass, what are you thinking!" when will i learn to listen to the little voices inside my head?!?!?
    don't make me come over there...

    By Blogger Large Marge, at 9:22 PM  

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