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Monday, September 17, 2007

I have the attention span of a knat. Instead of knitting my pink scarf I need to get done, I put the finishing touches on my second Baby Surprise Jacket, knit up the hat from Knitty 'Foliage', and started (and am almost finished) with my first helmet liner for our troops. All in one weekend. So much for that scarf.

Let's use what is happening to me as our first discussion for the success of knitting your charity projects for the Knit-A-Thon.

Rule number one... choose yarn you love to work with! Just because it is for a charity, do not use yarn you do not love. This is my downfall with the pink scarf I am making. It was given to us to knit with, and I never felt a connection with it. Therefore, I am not enjoying the project. I should have used my own yarn and I would have been done already. Do not fall into this trap. Enjoy your charity knitting as much as your own personal projects!!!!

Rule number two... know how much time you have until the project is to be donated and REALISTICALLY plan your project. Do not start a blanket today for the Knit-A-Thon which is in 19 days unless you are planning on giving up working, eating and sleeping. Better yet, downsize the blanket and make it a pet blanket for the animal shelter. Downsize it to a shawl and a local nursing home would be grateful for it. Do not drive yourself insane! Keep your projects within your time limit and you will be a happier person and your family and friends will thank me.

Rule number three... use the right yarn. If you are knitting a pet blanket, use acrylic. Animal shelters are not going to have time for anything more than wash and dry. Chemo caps are made in soft yarns without novelty yarn because the skin is sensitive during treatment. A novelty yarn may as well be a brillo pad. It may be cute, but it will not be able to be worn and your time and effort will be for not.

Rule number four... have fun!!!! Have extra yarn? Make the fruit and veggie preemie hats. So fun, so cute. Everyone will oohh and ahhh, and lets be honest- we eat it up when people oohh and aahh our hank knit items! Don't try to tell me you don't! Combine colors in new ways. Have a knitters movie night to get your fellow knitters together to work on your charity projects. A little wine and girl talk will help! Hint- not too much wine or you will end up ripping out more than you knit. And make sure the wine color matches the yarn you are using. Experience is talking here!

Hope these hints helped to make the next 19 days of knitting leading up to the Knit-A-Thon a little easier for you. And me. Wish me luck on that pink scarf!

Happy Knitting!


  • Hey there! I saw your kids hanging aroud outside the Giant in Hickory Ridge yesterday but couldn't find you inside. I think they thought I was nuts or a stalker because I saw them...stopped because I wwasn't sure...then went back and asked, "Are you Holly's kids?" "Yes." "Is she inside." "Yes." "Okay." See, I never told them who I was!

    My poor defenseless (truly defenseless) Giants!! :-(


    By Blogger Giantsknitter, at 4:45 PM  

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