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Monday, September 03, 2007

If you have ever had one of THOSE weeks, you know that there is nothing better than a surprise gift in your mailbox on Friday afternoon. My box was even more wonderful than I could imagine, because the words "Vogue Knitting" were on my surprise box. One look and I knew how awesome my mother was.

My mother apparently has yet to take the shawl I gave her off of her body. (Note to self- get the woman clothes that actually match this garment!) Because she was feeling such good vibes toward my knitting obsession, she went off and ordered me my copy of "The Best of Vogue Knitting 25 Years of Articles, Techniques and Expert Advice". Talk about great timing! Never was a knitting book so welcomed into my arms. (And let me tell you, I've slept with more than a couple beside me I was so happy to see them!)

In other book related news, I just finished the murder mystery "Knit Fast, Die Young" by Mary Kruger. This is the second in a series, and Large Marge was nice enough to grab it from the library for me. It was just what I needed, mindless fluff. I find that when I am too discombobulated to knit, I read about knitting.

Heads up! This Wednesday is a Knitting for Mental Health Day! All interested participants, leave me a comment or e-mail for how to join the fun. Warning...there will be knitting, laughter, and food involved. We are not responsible for any injuries that may occur if you attempt these three of these activities at the same time!

Have a great holiday, and Happy Knitting!


  • Must go get my life blood taken from my body in the AM.
    Will be needing major mental health break!
    See you in the afternoon!

    By Blogger Large Marge, at 8:01 PM  

  • Are you kidding me? Count me in! Knitting for Mental Health Day is just what I need. Can I bring the brownies?

    By Blogger GingerPyeJackson, at 7:33 PM  

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