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Saturday, August 04, 2007

Today was the end of my son's Ultimate Frisbee season. For 5 hours we watched the kids run around in 97 degree heat, and did our best to cool them off and keep them hydrated. My son's team lost every game. This, according to him, is a great honor. The kids on his team really enjoyed the game and getting to play. They just wanted to have fun. He also pointed out that his participation trophy is the same size as the team that went undefeated. He sees this as a metaphor for life. His ability to enjoy the process just as much as the outcome (if not more) is a great lesson to me, and I wonder how my kid got so smart. If we could all view life this way, things would be pretty cool!

I had planned on knitting for these five hours, but the heat was too much. This is not good for my time frame for the squid hat! I'm backing up my due date to Thursday night and having Large Marge deliver it in person when she heads to Florida for the baby shower. Perhaps Marge would be so kind as to take a picture of the finished item, since I have not posted a picture of my finished items for months now. Trust me, I have finished tons of things. People just keep taking them from me.

Hope you all are fining a cool spot so you can keep knitting. It's so hot I can't even think of spinning! More power to you if you can.


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