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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Thinking back on the Harry Potter weekend, it was really a knitting weekend without knitting. What I mean by this is that knitters and knits were everywhere!

The movie was chock full of handknits, as usual. Luna Lovegood wore a great capelet that I must make. Also, we sat next to a knitter from Virgina.

The midnight madness book release had knitters all over the bookstore! I personally was too tired to knit, but plenty of others were not. Socks were the most spotted work in progress.

I also got a copy of 'Charmed Knits' from the library and can't wait to make 'Hermione's Cable and Bobble Hat'.

I'm thinking of starting to read the book again, but then I'll never get any knitting done.

Happy Spinning and Knitting!


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