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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Just when I thought we had found the perfect combination...

Yesterday we broke out the awesome birthday presents that my kids got from Large Marge's husband, Bighead. It's a fishing rod that looks like a rocket launcher. It really is great because it takes away the major issue that all kids (and I) have with casting a fishing line without getting it tangled. We set off for Solomon's Island with a picnic lunch and some money for blood worms. Blood worms, by the way, are way gross. I have a high tolerance for gross. These things are gross.

So while we were fishing, and not catching anything, I had a ton of time to knit. What a great day. Knitting and fishing. Perfect!

It was so great that I decided to try it again today. We had lots of blood worms left over from not catching anything the day before, and the kids were excited to go fishing again. Great. Off we went to a local lake. Here's where we get into trouble.

Apparently, our local fish find the blood worms very yummy and they all wanted to be caught by us today. I could handle the blood worms, as gross as they were, but getting the fish our the hooks seem to be beyond even myself. This has never been an issue for my family before since we never catch anything when we go fishing. Now that we have these great new fishing poles, how do we get the darn fish off????????? There are very few days when I wish we had a guy around the house. Today was one of those days!

So much for knitting and fishing. Besides, the projects have to be felted with all the gunk around the fiber.

Happy Knitting and Spinning!


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