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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I'm trying to keep busy and not concentrate on the fact that today was the very last day that I will ever drop my children off at elementary school. E- gads!

I've got to pick the 'Clapotee' back up and get to work! These hot summer days have everyone blasting their air conditioning and freezing those of us dressed for the hot weather. I have been using my 'Falling Leaves' shawl every day and I need to mix things up a bit. It's two thirds of the way done, so it really should not be an issue. The problem is convincing myself that I want to work with a wool/silk blend in 97 degree weather (don't forget the humidity!). So much for this project being a Christmas gift.

In sock news, I'm still loving working on my 'Embossed Leaves Socks' from the Interweave 'Favorite Socks' book. However...these socks look all adorable and slouchy on this model's skinny little legs, and I've got to say- all the Ben and Jerry's I've been consuming lately so that I don't consume the same amount of alcohol is not helping these socks look slouchy on my now chubbier legs! Why can't we women crave carrot sticks when stressed? Then my socks would be cute and slouchy.

Happy Knitting and Spinning!


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