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Thursday, May 31, 2007

I think someone at Joann's reads my blog, because waiting in my mailbox today (for the first time in over 6 weeks) was a Joann sale flier. Who knew!

I couldn't wait to get home from sit 'n knit tonight to plop down in front of the National Spelling Bee. Why it is the National Spelling Bee when it includes kids from Canada is beyond me, yet so are the words these kids are spelling! I have actually been preparing for this event. Work was very boring yesterday, and since I have access to a big screen TV on these occasions, we were watching last year's Spelling Bee on ESPN. Yes, ESPN. They kicked the French Open to ESPN2 so that they could show last year's Spelling Bee! I find this hard to believe, yet I am so into it. Today we watched the Semi-Finals for tonight's event. The kids are so great. I love their faces when they think they've misspelled a word and are told that they are in fact correct.

Those of you who are frequent readers of this blog are laughing their posterior off thinking of me being a fan of the Spelling Bee. It's true. I cannot spell! Spell check is my friend. As a matter of fact, I just checked my spelling and had three words spelled wrong! Perhaps this is why I am intrigued by these super bright kids.

Of course, I think someone should be knitting while waiting for their turn to spell. What better to calm their nerves?

Congrats to Evan O'Dorney (age 13) from California who doesn't even like to spell. He likes Math and Music. He likes to spell a little bit. My kind of kid! Way to go Evan. By the way Large Marge, he is home schooled.

Happy Knitting and Spinning.


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