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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Is it me?

Today (May 30th) I received my Stitches East Class list. The first thing you notice on the outside cover is an orange dot telling you "Hurry! Registration opens May14, 2007! Classes fill quickly!" Are you kidding me? Classes are full by the time I even get the darn catalog? Who's in charge of this thing????

While I'm ranting about such things, let's discuss Joann's. Every time I go away for work and don't use my store coupon, they stop sending them to me. It takes me another 3 months and 15 forms to get back onto their mailing list. Why? No one else has this happen to them. Very strange.

Last on my list today is the Knit Picks Catalog. I seem to only get every other catalog. When I called to ask them about it, they suggested I find someone who gets every catalog and share with them. Hummmm. Why can't I get every catalog?

Enough ranting. I'm off to sit 'n spin.

Happy Spinning and Knitting!


  • I STILL haven't received my Stitches East catalog. Really poor planning but I guess they don't even need to send them out since classes fill up anyway.
    My JoAnn coupons are really sporadic and I use at least half of them.
    I'll share my Knit Picks catalogs with you...I think I get them all ;-)
    Thanks for the group rant.

    By Blogger brsmaryland, at 9:44 PM  

  • Hey Miss Nit, I just did a search for "JoannStores" in my gmail account to skip the online stuff and I'm getting two store coupons per month like clockwork. 40 or 50%. If you have an alternate email account, why don't you cancel your newsletter and signup with a new account a few weeks later?

    And I thought you told me you got your Stitches classes already?

    By Blogger tinkknitz, at 11:00 PM  

  • I got my stitches thing today too. though most of my mail seems to come late (i almost always get coupons after they expire, and flyers for events that have already happened). our mail guy must hate me.

    By Blogger Lindsay, at 12:24 AM  

  • Mine isn't here either - and I'M LEAVING TOMORROW!

    By Blogger Large Marge, at 8:35 AM  

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