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Thursday, October 26, 2006

I'm looking forward to going to Stitches East next week, and I still have to round up my supplies needed for the class I took next Friday. Normally I am not into taking classes. I taught myself to knit out of Melanie Falik's "Kids Knitting" book, and have only paid for one class since then. My theory is, if I pay to take a class- that is less yarn money I have to spend. I am an intelligent gal. I may not be using my college education for much these days, but I figure I can figure most techniques through all the knitting books at the library. However, I became intrigued by a Swedish mitten technique. Luckily, no homework is needed to be done prior to this class (there is some bit of knitting to be done prior to some of these classes).
There is a collection going on for Caps for Kids during th Stitches event. All of you charity knitters out there should check out their website and get those needles clicking!
Off to Sit 'N'Knit tonight. Hope to see you there!


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