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Friday, November 17, 2006

How do you rip out a project that you know just wasn't working out, but you still invested alot of time in? You give it to a friend who will happily put it on her swift(while she mocks the project), and gleefully unwinds it with her ball winder. Yep. Lesson #1: Others have no emotional ties to the time you have invested into your knitting. Give to them what you yourself cannot bring yourself to rip out!

Today was the Thanksgiving party at the Lakeside Cafe. As if we needed yet another reason to love the home of our weekly Sit 'N Knit and yearly Knit-A-Thon! Mr. Mike knows how to bring out the party. TONS of food and great jazz music were on hand this afternoon. I can't believe that any other sit 'n knit has a better location than us! Thank you to Mr. Mike and his family for once again amazing us with their generosity. (I even got a doggie bag of yummy Korean food. Yeah me!)

Happy Knitting...


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