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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Yesterday was spent learning the wonderful technique of Tvaandsstickning (Twined Knitting) from Beth Brown-Reinsel. This Swedish technique has been dated back at least 3 centuries, and found a resurgence in the 1970's after a glove was found underneath a slag heap in the town of Falun, during an archeological dig. The Swedish, being the dedicated knitters they are, have placed the glove in a museum where it is not just an ordinary exhibit. According to Ms.Brown-Reinsel (who has visited the museum) it is in a glass case under low lighting and no pictures are allowed, so as to preserve the glove for future generations. Now that is a country dedicated to knitting!

The technique uses two ends of a ball of yarn, which are twisted around each other after every stitch, producing a very firm and warm fabric. The outside of the work appears to be worked conventionally, while the inside reveals the twisting.

I made a wonderful little mitten using the technique, and am so excited to start a larger pair of mittens for myself. The technique is a slow one, and lots of yarn management is required. I even had to learn to knit with my right hand for this technique, so I am now officially an ambidextrous knitter!!!!

What a wonderful way to spend a Friday in the fall! Happy Knitting...


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