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Monday, November 20, 2006

Last night, Large Marge and I went to a Pat Green concert with her hubby. Her hubby (affectionately referred to as Big Head), not being a knitter, did not find amusement in the question, "Can we take our knitting with us?" The Rams Head Live in Baltimore is a great venue for knitting. I think. It looks like it would be great. The second level has gymnasium style bleachers that would allow you to watch the concert while knitting in relative comfort. I spent most of the concert looking longingly in the direction of those bleachers, and wishing I had ignored Big Head and brought the Lucy bag along. Mental note to self, next time my boss gives me free concert tickets- only invite fellow knitters who will not be embarrassed by my multi-tasking!

Happy Knitting...


  • Glad you had fun - too bad you couldn't knit and rock at the same time.

    By Blogger Javajem, at 2:09 PM  

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