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Thursday, January 11, 2007

On the way home from sit 'n knit tonight, I noticed that many people still have their holiday lights on. No, these are not purple lights in honor of the team playing on Saturday that shall remain nameless. These are homes that still have the Christmas spirit. It was so lovely to see!

Two weeks from tonight we will be celebrating the one year anniversary of our K1P2 sit 'n knit. This time last year, I was doing recon at area businesses to try to scope out the best spot to relax and knit for the night. As soon as I walked into the Lakeside Cafe, I knew it was the spot. The group consisted of only two knitters. Myself and Large Marge. Our first night was January 19 and only one other person joined us that night. She has never returned. Since that night, many area knitters have joined our group. Some, like our first visitor, have never returned. Others, have stuck around. It is amazing to me that only a year ago, I did not know these women. I am so excited to see what the next year has in store for us! Maybe some guy knitters??? I personally would love to see us reach out to local nursing homes and do a road trip sit 'n knit once a month with some elderly crafters who might be lonely. Whatever the future holds, I am thankful to everyone who has bravely joined a group of people they didn't know, and knit their way into my heart.

Happy Knitting!


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