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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day to all of you , whether you are a couple or a single. Today is a celebration of all types of love!

My Valentine's Day socks are not finished yet due to the kids being home for two days this week. I thought I would make up knitting time with my car going into the shop for some repairs, but no such luck. My daughter did make me matching earings for the socks, however. She loved the Storm Moon colorway I'm working on, and whipped me up some awesome earings to match.

By the way, those repairs have put a huge dent in the yarn fund my Uncle Sam sent me. DRAT.

I have non-knitters visiting me this weekend. I'm going to have to explain that dusting is something only non-knitter do, and if she wanted to visit a clean home- she would need to give me back that awesome hat that I knit for her this past fall. Those who knit awesome things have no time to do such things as clean!

Happy Knitting to you all!


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