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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Knitting around DC.
With out of town guests visiting this weekend, it was off to Washington DC on Saturday. Being President's Day weekend I thought it appropriate that I add the pictures of the Lincoln Memorial, as well as the Storm Moon sock I am working on visiting the Washington Monument.
The best part about traveling around DC is the metro. Tons of knitting can get done while traveling on the metro, and we ran into others knitting as well. (Further proving to my non-kntting friends that knitters are taking over the world)
While in Dupont Circle, I discovered the bead store 'Beadazzled'. I had been to their store in Baltimore with no idea that they had a location in DC. How lucky for me! I popped in and picked up some lovely beads for stitch markers.
Another stop in Dupont Circle was a wonderful book store where I picked up my copy of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. I joined the Ravelry group that will being reading 19th century books every other month and knitting items related to the books. I'm so thrilled to be getting in to this group at the start. I had heard of similar type reading groups, and now have one of my own!
My last bit of knitting news is the arrival of my very first copy of Cast On. I have just become a member of TKGA this year, and so I was exceited to find out four copies of the magazine Cast On was included in the membership.

My next post will show me knitting around Baltimore.
Happy Knitting!


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