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Saturday, December 23, 2006

A note to all of those knitters out there who believe that yarn should only be purchased one project at a time:

How do you survive the Holidays? How do you run to the yarn store every time yet another last minute Christmas gift needs to be knit at lightning speed? How do you do it????

Obviously you posses some sort of organizational gene I was born without. Besides that, do you also posses some sort of radar detector for those gifts you don't realize you need until the day before they need to be presented?

For instance, how do you knit for an ex mother in-law who is not even supposed to be in the state for the holidays, yet still amazingly shows up and has a present for you- her EX daughter in-law. I suppose you, prepared knitter that you are, who can resist the temptation of purchasing yarn in bulk, would not have an EX mother in-law because you would have your life so together that you have chosen the perfect husband the first time around. However- just for a second, let's pretend you had a wild youth that you have since grown up and recovered from (all except the ex husband of course). How do you anticipate needing a gift like that? It must be gift radar!

I use this very holiday for the support of yarn stashes everywhere!!!! May you stash dive without injury up until the bitter end my fellow knitters! Happy Knitting to all, and to all a good night!


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