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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I fear that my long term relationship with my dial-up connection is coming to an end soon. Never one to give up easily, I have been trying to make it work between us. However, I feel that the relationship has become one sided. Not to mention that the high speed internet keeps sending me little notes in the mail. Tempting seducer!!!! I am trying to toss out these little notes, but occasionally I read one before I throw it out. The seed has been planted, and the thought of straying has crossed my mind often in the New Year.

This week has been particularly difficult. I made the mistake of attempting to listen to a podcast with my dial-up. It took me 45 minutes to listen to 7 minutes of audio. Oh, what to do??????? Dial-up and I have been together for so long I'm not sure I would know the first step to take to break off the relationship. I certainly don't want to have to change my name because of it!

I think I would be able to overcome any other faults in the relationship, but dial-up is coming between me and my knitting. I could handle it when it broke off my relationship with the phone. I have caller ID, I could call people back when I was off of the computer. But now it's keeping me from the knitting audio community. Enough is enough.

I can only hope that the break will allow us to remain friends. And let this be a lesson to my future computer relationship. Nothing comes between me and my knitting!

Happy Knitting...


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