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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Thank you to my awesome Secret Pal 9,! She spoiled me way above and beyond the SP9 guidelines. Tonight after the K1P2 anniversary party, she revealed herself to me and gave me the last gifts. Can you believe that I am the new owner of an umbrella swift AND ball winder? My cup runnith over! And she even gave me yarn to wind- my favorite sock yarn from Louet! Pretty blue/green yarn that will some day become the hippopotamus socks. (You know which socks I mean. I know you can't pronounce them either!)

Earlier today I took my one finished Jaywalker pedicure sock and got myself a pedicure. This was meant to motivate me into knitting the second sock quicker than the first. What it did was educate me to the wonders of knitting while seated in a rolling back massage chair. I didn't knit during the relaxing pampering part of the pedicure, just at the end while she was painting my tootsie toes, and then she let me stay in the chair while the polish dried. I think that all knitters should look into getting a fully loaded massage chair for themselves as knitting chairs.

Thanks to all who showed up for the anniversary party. The weather forecast wasn't great, but lots of people showed up. Miss Bonnie even made a 'Pin The Tail On The Alpaca' game for our entertainment. The winner got a stuffed sheep! Thanks Miss Bonnie. Six people also walked away with door prizes (the result of me learning how to make t-shirt transfers).

What a great day! Thanks to all. Happy Knitting!


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