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Friday, April 13, 2007

This new version of blogger does not like letting me on my own blog. I secretly think it's because of my dial-up connection. And by the way, why won't it let you publish exclamation points? Very odd.

Any who.... I have new sock yarn. Going away on business means buying new sock yarn. So I did. Yummy Yummy Yarn. Perhaps someday I will stop buying so much sock yarn, so that I could be able to buy a digital camera so that you could see my yummy yummy yarn. I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you.

Work kept me from getting to knit much this week, but I did pick that second Monkey sock back up this week. Turned the heel, did my decreases and now it's foot time. Lots of muggles, mostly men, were digging it. I even met a fellow knitter at 'Perk Up' in Old Town Alexandria who hadn't tried socks yet, and I think I converted her. Just call me the sock knitting missionary.

Happy Knitting.


  • When blogger first did the switch I had massive probleyoums. Such bad problems that I assumed that I had somehow downloaded a huge virus or something inthe process of switching over. I got totaly messed up the first two or three times I tried to post something biut thn it all went away and everything has been fine. I hope you get yours worked out. I still have dial up, too, so I don't think that could be the case of real serious issues sinceI've been virually trouble free since the they first did the switch.

    By Blogger Lindsay, at 12:31 AM  

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