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Monday, May 07, 2007

After 9 hours at the Festival on Sunday (bringing the total hours up to 20 for the weekend), I've learned that:

A. Coming in second place in the 4-H drawing for a spinning wheel makes you want to weep! I did get a $25 gift certificate from the Manning's (who are just so lovely!). Yet, it is still incredibly sad!

B. A spare skein of 'Lunasea' Socks that Rock can be purchased with no line and no mob scene at 9am Sunday morning.

C. If you spend too much time with people who spin, you WILL come home with a drop spindle and fiber crack- I mean roving. After three years of adamantly declaring that I would not leave the festival with these items, the battle was lost. I am now one of them. Hence the tears over not winning the spinning wheel.

D. Sheep cheese rocks! However, it is expensive and does not last very long.

E. After spending 20 hours at the Festival, you are NOT in the mood to return to regular life. A world of fiber and knitting are a good thing. A world of people at your home and your work place who do not understand the great new things you have seen and learned just make you long for next year's festival that much more.

F. It is possible to spend 20 hours at the Festival and not see the sheep dogs do their thing. I was flabbergasted to figure out that I had managed to not see any of the 6 exhibitions. What was I doing for 20 hours?????

Hope everyone got home safe and are enjoying their memories and souvenirs of another great Sheep and Wool Festival.

Happy Knitting!


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