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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Training began today for the Sheep and Wool Festival. Since no knitting had been done by me in weeks, and I am still painfully exhausted from the past couple of work weeks, I started out slowly.

A morning sit 'n knit accomplished very little, but after some recommended caffeine (something I never do) I picked up the pace a bit.

In addition to pacing myself with knitting, the gals and I hit the great outdoors for some fresh air and sunshine. Being inside for weeks has made me quite tired when outdoors. I am also very fair, and do not wish to burn to a crisp the first day of the festival.

Training will resume tomorrow and hopefully my knitting will be more on track. Additional outside time is scheduled as well. I am hoping to build up to an all day outside event on Friday, so that I will be ready for all the walking and shopping beginning on Saturday.
Happy Knitting!


  • Funny how when we don't knit for a week we feel guilty for it!!
    Hope you have a blast at the Festival; I have never been, but I hear it rocks :o)

    By Blogger Kiwi, at 12:04 PM  

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