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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Can you belive my daughter made that yummy Pecan Pie?

I stayed at my sorority little sister's house the night before Thanksgiving. I was feeling all sorts of snuggly Thanksgiving morning, so I put on my socks from this year's Sock Wars. After breakfast, my sorority little sister and her husband notice the socks and ask if they are hand knit. I answer proudly that they are, but I did not knit them and proceeded to launch into the story of Sock Wars. I end the story by explaining that the socks on my feet were knit for me by a knitter in Florida, and that it was my second year participating in this event.

My sorority little sister's husband walks up to her, taps her on the back and says, "I sooo do not want to hear another word about how weird my friends are!!!" She shoots back a glare and says, " Your one friend is a Wiccan!" He responds, "Yeah, and this is definitely weirder!!!"

OMG! How is Sock Wars stranger than being a Wiccan?????????????

I decided to research this Wiccan thing to see exactly how weird an outsider views Sock Wars. Wikipedia tells me that Wiicca is the religion based upon practicing magic and that the members identify themselves as witches.

I get the fact that I am a sheltered Christian woman, but how is Sock Wars stranger than this?

Darn those nonknitters! They just don't understand.

Of course there is probably a Wiccan out their saying, " Darn those nonwiccans, they just don't understand!"

Happy Knitting!


  • dePerhaps it's the magic we create with our needles? (insert swishing sound here) As I tell Nutmeg and Cinnamon it's all in what you know babe...that and we tend to be a tad bit over the top.

    By Blogger GingerPyeJackson, at 6:54 PM  

  • I don't think Wiccans are weird (in fact I know quite a few), then again I don't think Sock Wars participants are weird either (I know quite a few of those too). As gingerpyejackson said it's more about what you know or don't know that shapes our views.

    What I do think is weird, side ways pony tails. Now that's just freaky.

    By Blogger Karina, at 7:45 PM  

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