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Friday, November 24, 2006

Dear Santa,

You may remember me from the nice list a long time ago. I seem to have been demoted to the naughty list the past couple of years, since I have not been receiving the one thing I keep asking for- yarn and knitting related items. In an attempt to regain a spot on your nice list, I am willing to make a few lifestyle changes.

First, I am willing to admit that perhaps my behavior at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival was a tad bit competitive. Perhaps I didn't need to crawl on the dirt ground (the crowd was in my way) in order to grab a ball of alpaca that is still sitting in my cedar chest unused. It is possible that I could wait patiently and remain standing at this year's festival. It could happen.

Second, when my children bring me yarn back from their trip to Ireland with their father, I will not immediately check the fiber content on the label. I will thank them first, before shouting the word, "ACRYLIC!"

Last, but not least, will not cut in line with Large Marge at this year's Super Bowl Sale at the local yarn store (the fact that the Steelers have no chance of playing in this year's game is by no means a factor in this decision).

Also, if a bribe would help, I would be willing to increase the amount of cookies left out for you this year. Or, how about some chocolate covered pretzels for a change? Just say the word!

Please give my best to Mrs. Clause. (Is she a knitter, by any chance?),
Nittany Knits


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