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Monday, December 25, 2006

I made it!!!!! The last Christmas present was cast off late on Christmas Eve. The finishing touches were finished this morning. I made it!!!! Of course, some projects were crossed off along the way, but I made it none the less.

I did receive some knitting related items for Christmas. Miss Bonnie from sit 'n knit gave me a Singer scrappy vac, my children's father gave me shea butter hand cream, and my sorority little sis Kristen (whom I have been through thick and thin with) went out to a farm in Voorheesville, NY to get me YARN. No clue what the heck she was doing- that gal got me Alpaca. And that is why I love her so! Thank you all for thinking of me this holiday.

Of course the highlight of the holiday so far had nothing to do with presents. It is watching my children turn into a wonderful young man and woman before my eyes. Sharing our holiday traditions and seeing for the first time this year how special these traditions have become to them. Hearing the compassion in my sons nightly prayers last night as he remembered the electric truck he had seen along the side of the road on the way home from church, and he prayed for all of those in the military and those who work on Christmas Eve and Christmas day -so that we may have a good holiday. Realizing that they understand the reason for the season is not what they receive under the Christmas tree, but the gift they have received in the birth of the baby Jesus. These are all things I did not think would happen this Christmas, but in the years to come. To my surprise, my little babies are babies no more.


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