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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Hello, my name is Nittany Knits...and I have a problem! It all started at the 2005 Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival, when I picked up a skein of sock yarn from the people at Tess. Sure, I had purchased yarn before, but I had resisted the urge to actually use the stuff. This time, however, I was not so lucky. I gave into the shades of blues and the fact that it was machine washer/ dryer safe. What a little price my soul can be bought for.

"Just this one time!" I told myself. I actually fell for that old line. I knit that skein of sock yarn into the most pathetic pair of socks you could imagine. One sock was WAY too short. The other sock had a huge ladder on the bottom of the foot. (Too much sangria during a 6 hour BBC mini series 'Pride and Prejudice' marathon). I worn them everywhere. How proud I was to have turned two heels. I was such a fool.

It started out slowly. At first I would only knit socks in the summer. A seasonal disorder of sorts. Self stripping, simple lace patterns- it didn't matter. I was starting to get hooked. I thought I had everything under control. I only purchased one pair's worth of yarn per visit to the yarn stores. I could handle it. Right?

Wrong. Signs of the total breakdown were showing. 2006 Stitches East in Baltimore is when even I started to admit I was having issues keeping things under control. When I laid out my loot from the multiple days of shopping, I was hit with the cold hard facts. 90% of my loot was sock yarn. And then it happened. January 2007, I was back to knitting sock after sock after sock. It wasn't summer! It was the dead of winter! Chaos ensued.

All knitting was pushed aside in favor of my latest socks. I wouldn't be done with them before I was already itching to move on to latest and greatest sock pattern. Those Jaywalkers that I NEEDED to have, I could barely finish before casting on the Crusoe. Now those Crusoe are just getting the second sock's heel turned and I am already lusting my latest obsession. The Fearless Fiber sock yarn that JavaJem got me for SP9 in the Monkey pattern from Knitty.

And the yarn! It's everywhere. When Large Marge asked me how many skeins I thought I had, I realized that I didn't even have to turn my head in the room that I was in to spot 26 pairs of future socks waiting to be knit. Didn't turn my head, look into containers, nothing. 26 pairs!

The final straw occurred last night as I paid my fee to enter the 2007 Socks That Rock Club. I used the money I was going to use to upgrade from dail-up into the world of high speed internet. Which, if you think about it, it is probably a good idea my computer is slow. Could you imagine me with free access to enablers like Lime & Violet!!!!!!! OMG! Quickly accessing sock yarns from around the world? I don't think so!

My Name is Nittany Knits, and I am addicted to sock knitting. I have a problem!


  • Ha! That sounds like a great divestiture of funds. Can't wait to see all the rockin socks you'll be working on this year.

    By Blogger brsmaryland, at 9:37 PM  

  • HA!

    By Blogger Large Marge, at 2:11 PM  

  • Wanna finish the other Jaywalker of mine? At least the yarn is nice. Still cannot get 'into' sock knitting. Unfortunately, my kids recognize nifty,comfy socks when they see they ALL want pairs..sigh. And I AM bitter about that!!
    Alice ;-)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:08 PM  

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