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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

I'll be in upstate New York in 48 hours, and I need to find a way to ditch the kids for a bit to hit up yarn stores! Since we are taking the train there, I get to knit and knit and knit, while sending them off to the snack car to chit chat with each other. Smart Mommy would even buy them a new gameboy game to ensure plenty of knitting quite time on the trip. Once we arrive, however, I need a game plan.
I love my children more than anything. Yet, shopping in yarn stores is just not possible while they are in the same yarn store. I feel the pressure to shop and get out quickly. This goes against everything a yarn store stands for!!!!! Their impatience and disgust against everything yarn sends out bad muju vibes.

It's all my fault I realize. I started knitting much to late in their young lives. They remember when vacations did not revolve around sheep and wool festivals/county fairs. They remember a mother who hung on their every word instead of muttering, "Huh? OK, wait 'till I get to the end of this." They remember when souvenirs were keychains and magnets, not skeins of yarn. I should have started all of this much earlier in their developmental process, so that they would not have known a life outside of fiber. My bad.

Anyone out there live in Voorheesville, NY need some cheap labor this weekend????????? I've got two kids to rent out for about an hour or two.

Happy Knitting!


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