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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Rumor has it that my last 'Socks That Rock' package ships tomorrow. I enjoy getting yarn in the mail, but will not be signing up for this particular club again next year. I have way to much sock yarn to be shelling out that amount of money.

Speaking of having too much sock yarn, I wanted to be at the Neighborhood Fiber event tomorrow night in Alexandria,VA but A) I have too much sock yarn and B) I'm still broke from Stitches and C)I've been soooo tired lately!!!! There is no way I would be able to drive down and back without taking a very long nap. This exhaustion has put a serious crimp in my knitting time as well. I look at my yarn and want to knit it, but yet have no strength to actually pick it up let alone work on it. Any activity occuring after 6pm is out for me lately. I did manage to make it to the Knitting Guild last week, but thought I was just going to curl up in a ball and sleep during half of it. Sleeeeep, sleeep... that is all that is on my mind! My poor kids have even had to put themselves to bed because I am out like a light well before their bed time. They wake me up for kisses, and back I go to lala land. I would say this looks like only daytime sit n knits for me, but I'm back at work and have no days to knit either. What's a gal to do?

Speaking of work, I better get moving. Happy Knitting


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