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Sunday, March 11, 2007

This is the summer that I am going to be honest with myself! You know how it goes. The temperature is getting above freezing and it is starting to feel like spring. You start going through your clothing options for the upcoming season. You look at your upper arms, you look at your tank top. You say to yourself, "Oh, no! Those arms are NOT going into THAT shirt." You have a vision in your head of the fashion police writing you a ticket before you even make it to your car in the morning.

Honesty will remind you that heat and humidity will melt that fashion sense right out of you come the second day of the heat wave this summer. Honesty will bring me to admit I am a heat wimp. Honesty had me do something I have never done before.... I cast on a hand knit sleeveless shirt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last week Giants Knitter was sitting next to me working on this cute bamboo tank top in an aqua color. I kept looking at it with envy. I knew that at this time of the year I was not going to admit to ever wearing something like that in the summer. July is usually when I throw in the towel. It's only March! Yet, all week I've been eyeing up my closet with an eye on reality. There are some straight up UGLY tanks hiding in the back corners that get put on in the heat of every summer. Why not admit it now, and start knitting up something cute to distract from those bingo arms?

Friday night I finished the first 'Monkey' sock and cast on the second. Saturday morning I cast on the plain black sleeveless shirt on size 3 and 4 needles. My theory is, on size 3 and 4 needles, it will take me until July to finish this top. Perfect timing. Also, since the body is so mindless I might get some decent knitting done at sit 'n knits! And aren't we all happy that it's not a sock?

With daylight savings giving us extra natural sunlight to knit by, I even get extra time every night to knit the black top. This will slow my sock knitting down to night time knitting. This may even slow my sock yarn purchases down!

By the way, has anyone else noticed that I have yet to start those socks for my father for Father's Day that I promised during Christmas that I would start immediately following the holidays? I have the yarn. I'm just waiting on the perfect guy sock pattern. Anyone have a favorite?

Happy Knitting!


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