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Friday, January 11, 2008

Everyone who has seen me knitting the Pretty in Pink socks from Storm Moon have all said the same exact thing to me. "That would make awesome fingerless gloves!"

Now, we are talking a great deal of non-knitting people here! Considering that I was going to do just that with the yarn in the first place, I am feeling the need to acquire more of this yarn so that I can indeed make some fingerless mittens out of this yarn. Because let me tell you, I am NOT denying my tootsie toes this great yarn experience.

Already the girl child is circling the knitting. I knew I should never have let her see it!!!!!!!! I have warned her that she could have them only after prying out of my cold dead hands. She does not seem impressed with this threat, and looks willing to test the theory. I feel a battle ready to be waged. She's going down! It will bring a whole new meaning to the term Sock Wars!

Check back tomorrow, I hope to post finished project 2008 pics tomorrow night.

Happy Knitting!


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