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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Knitters are such wonderful people!

I was running around work today when an old friend from my church came in. She was with her daughter who... is a knitter. The excitement flew as we talked knitting (I felt so sorry for those non-knitters around us!) and I gave her contacts for some of the local knitting connections. Before I could say a proper goodbye to my new knitter friend she was gone, and I felt so bad that I did not get to send her off with a proper holiday greeting.

Much to my surprise, the duo came back soon afterward with a Christmas present... for me!!!!! A knitting book that contained the very pattern of fingerless gloves that I was admiring of hers! What a very wonderful gift that touched my heart!!!!! I am treasuring my new gift and my new knitting friend. Thank you so much!

What a lovely story of how the little things mean so much to those in our lives. I hope to make a difference in someone's life this Christmas season the same way I was touched today.

Happy Knitting this Christmas season to you all!


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