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Thursday, January 10, 2008

I'm on fire!

Not only did I finish my Storm Moon Cyndi Lauper socks yesterday (and took a picture of them), but I got straight to work on my Storm Moon Pretty in Pink socks that my knitting fairy (insert Miss Sheila without her own project to knit) started for me. I am using the 12 inch circular Addi's for the first time and I am digging them. My double pointed needles are much faster, but the circulars are easy to pick up and drop quickly, so I was knitting a bit at work today. Heeeeeeeeeeeee!

Here's hoping my finished pics will get posted for all to see this weekend!

I was very excited yesterday when I not only finished my socks, but I also rearranged my sock yarn. I have every single skein for socks in one piece of furniture now! Granted it's five drawers worth of yarn, but it is at least all in the same spot. My joy was quickly squashed when Large Marge asked me how many socks I had ready to knit in my stash. After I counted, even I was a bit shocked and amazed at the tremendous volume of sock yarn I own. So much for the joy of containing it in one area!

Off to welcome my house guest. After my knitting yesterday, I will have to explain why the house is not as neat as it could have been if they were staying with a non-knitting muggle.

Happy Knitting!


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