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Monday, March 17, 2008

What better way to start out St. Patrick's Day than with 'Kegs and Eggs' at Molly Brannigan's in Pittsburgh, Pa? The fun started at 7 am this morning. The sun was not even up when we got there!

After some early morning festivities, I was back to work on my 'Angry Leprechaun Socks' so that I could wear them today. I got alot of knitting done on the last sock during the Big East Basketball Championship games this past weekend.
Some info on the 'Angry Leprechaun Socks':
Yarn- Neighborhood Fibers in the Sheridan Circle colorway
Needles- Addi Turbo 1
Pattern- My own
I've decided that they would be great at the Christmas season as well, all I would have to do is call them the 'Angry Elf Socks' instead.
I have already started some toe up socks for the upcoming baseball season. I'm not sure I like the pattern I'm doing, however. I'll have to work a couple more inches to see if it grows on me before I take any photos of them.
I hope you knit yourself something green for this St. Patty's Day version of 'Knitting for Me Monday'. Happy Knitting!


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