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Thursday, May 22, 2008

I came home from meeting Miss Berger Beth on Monday night to see my 'Detonator Socks' from my Sock War 3 assassin sitting in my mail box. My son instantly had me do an artsy death picture with the socks that included ketchup, but I'll spare you all the image.

The socks are from a knitter in California. I can't find a blog for her or I would link you to her. Last year my 'Scar Socks' came from a knitter in Florida, and the first Sock Wars 'Sock of Doom' came from England.

Tomorrow I'll show you what my socks in progress looked like before they got sent off to California to be finished. I started another pair for myself since this is the first Sock Wars that I did not get to finish at least one pair before getting eliminated from the competition. I am making this next 'Detonator Sock' out of the Step yarn that contains aloe. It looks so different than the Tofutsie yarns since it has chunky stripes instead of the Monet like marbeling effect. I think it looks like a completely different pattern, so I'm glad I decided to make them.

Today is the anniversary of Sir Arthur Conan Doyal's birthday, so go knit yourself a mystery pattern. Happy Knitting!


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