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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Things that happen when your daughter is visiting Ireland with her father and is diagnosed with aplastic anemia after an emergency plane landing on her return flight to the states:

You call the best person ever, and put her in charge of getting you an emergency passport as well as a flight to Ireland on (of all days) Good Friday. She, in turn, does all that without smacking you silly , dispite your need of just that.

You fly your first international flight and rush to find your only girl child so that you can begin breathing again.

Once breathing has begun, you say lots and lots of thankful prayers for getting you to this point!

Five days later, you and her father fly her back to the states and get her to the best place possible. The place that happens to be in your back yard. John's Hopkins pediatric oncology/hemotogolgy department.

And this is where we are.

I did knit on the flight back to the states, but have come to the quick realization that I can acheive nothing more than a knit stitch in the round. I had been doing a simple knit 3, purl 3 sock. It is kicked to the curb and I am am now just knitting in circles. Baby steps.

I have to thank EVERYONE for the prayers. Every single prayer has been so appreciated by us!

We have a tough road ahead, so please keep her uplifted in your thoughts. Check out her new blog PeaceandLove and leave her possitive comments to keep her going along the way.

Again, thanks to you all for your love and support!

PS- I missed Chistmas Knitting on the 25th. Did anyone else remember?

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Thursday March 20th is not just the first day of spring. It is also 'Won't You Wear a Sweater Day' in honor of Mr. Fred Roger's birthday. Being a Pittsburgh girl (or didn't you read that last post) I am very fond of Mr. Rogers and am looking forward to wearing my sweater.

I have been having trouble with posting my yarn store pictures of my trip to Pittsburgh, so I will have to get back to telling you all about my favorite mew Pittsburgh yarn store 'Bloomin Yarns' in McMurray,Pa. I hope to see the gals at Maryland Sheep and Wool.

Looking forward to seeing so many of you again at the Central Maryland Knitting Guild meeting! Happy Knitting!

Monday, March 17, 2008

What better way to start out St. Patrick's Day than with 'Kegs and Eggs' at Molly Brannigan's in Pittsburgh, Pa? The fun started at 7 am this morning. The sun was not even up when we got there!

After some early morning festivities, I was back to work on my 'Angry Leprechaun Socks' so that I could wear them today. I got alot of knitting done on the last sock during the Big East Basketball Championship games this past weekend.
Some info on the 'Angry Leprechaun Socks':
Yarn- Neighborhood Fibers in the Sheridan Circle colorway
Needles- Addi Turbo 1
Pattern- My own
I've decided that they would be great at the Christmas season as well, all I would have to do is call them the 'Angry Elf Socks' instead.
I have already started some toe up socks for the upcoming baseball season. I'm not sure I like the pattern I'm doing, however. I'll have to work a couple more inches to see if it grows on me before I take any photos of them.
I hope you knit yourself something green for this St. Patty's Day version of 'Knitting for Me Monday'. Happy Knitting!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Check out the pictures I took with my NEW camera today. Yes, you read that last sentence correctly. I have made a major electronic purchase. I went with a Cannon and got it 40% off after it was on sale, I used a coupon, and I got a display model.
The first picture is my fiished 'Greenery Hat'. The second picture is the 'Angry Leprechaun Sock'

These were the first two pictures taken with the new camera, so I still have to learn to take good photos with it. For now, I'll settle for having any photos of my finished projects.
Since I will not be posting again until after the weekend, have a happy and safe St. Patty's Day. My mother was pleased to tell me that she hunted down some green wine for me for the occasion. This could be very interesting. Doesn't 'Mad Dog' come in funky colors???????
Happy Knitting!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

'Top Chef' Rules!

Tomorrow night's debut episode of Season 4 'Top Chef Chicago' has a new interest for me. I joined a Ravelry group that puts a new spin on an already great show. Sixteen chefs compete on 'Top Chef', so sixteen people are placed into a 'Top Chef' Ravelry group. Each knitter is assigned a chef. The knitter who has the winning chef gets knitting related goodies from the other 15 contestants. How much fun is that?

My chef is Lisa. Go Lisa Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In other knitting related news, The Greenery Hat is finished and awesome. I will photograph it if I ever invest in the camera that I saw and love. It's a new Cannon, and it sure is purty! Too bad I go into a fit everytime I think of spending that much money on something beside yarn.

In other knitting news, I think I have yet ANOTHER yardage emergency on my hands. The 'Angry Leprechaun' socks are looking like they are going to run out of yarn before I finish foot #2. Looks like I'm going to have to cut off some toes! What is up with me this month?????????

Road trip news! I'm off to Pittsburgh on a weekend getaway. They have a new yarn store open, so I of couse will have to go check it out! Let's hope I can control myself, or that camera I was discussing earlier is history.

Happy Knitting everyone!

Sunday, March 09, 2008

So, I'm thinking that holding a giant yard sale the weekend before Sheep and Wool is a great idea.

Sat. April 26th, we get rid of all that stuff around the house that we never dust anyway since we are too busy knitting, blogging about kintting, or on Ravelry. This converts to yarn money for the following weekend. Genius, yes?! These times of economic hardship in our great country will NOT keep me from my fiber!

Who amongst you are up for some extra sheep and wool cash?????????

Happy Knitting!

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Today I am showing off my new Schaffer Yarn in the Catherine the Great colorway. It is my last new photo until I get a new camera. I'm still shopping around, so keep the suggestions coming in. Thanks to all who have already given me some great advice!
This wonderful yarn is going to be pulled out once the temperatures start to soar. I have always been a heat whimp, and now I downright melt at the sight of sun so I am planning ahead.
It is going to be the Undulating Waves Scarf pictured to the right. This particular photo came from the Schaffer website. I can't see myself wearing such a delicate fashionable scarf, but I couldn't resist the colors of the yarn and my first big bead project. Who knows, maybe I'm more fashionable than I think.
In other yarn news, I big thanks goes out tho the hero of the month. Miss Sarah dragged her first born child out last night to do a yarn emergency trip for me. I have the Frog Tree Merino in my possession and the Greenery Hat is back in action! Sunday is supposed to be chilly, so let's see if I can get it on my head by then. Thank you thank you thank you Miss Sarah!!!!!!!
Also, the first Angry Leprechaun Sock is almost off the needles. I might have to write up the pattern for this one.
Last bit of news, I won tickets to tonight's Steven Curtis Chapman concert at the Lyric Opera House. I have never been to the Lyric, and I hear it is wonderful. Let me know if any bloggers are going as well, we can meet with our knitting.
Happy Knitting!

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Just in time for the warm weather, my margarita glass is done! I picked it up from 'The Pottery Stop' this weekend, and had no idea how margarita like the weather would be this week. Now to get me some fixins.

You will notice the lovely background once again in this photo. The grren chair is actually Large Marge's, and so is the camera. I was kid sitting for her on Sunday and took some photos while I was there. You see, my loner camera has finally bit the big one. No mas. I thank Large Marge for the time I was able to use it. Now, it appears it is time to purchase my own camera. I'm not big on the high tech front (as my dial up internet connection will attest to), so this is a big step for me. Heck, I still wouldn't have a cell phone if it wasn't for Large Marge's husband getting me one for Christmas three years ago. I still have no I-pod. I'm in the technological dark ages.

I hear good things about the Cannons. Anyone else haveany good feedback for me? I don't need this thing to cook me dinner, I just want to take good point and shoot photos.

Happy Knitting everyone!

Monday, March 03, 2008

Since today is 'Knitting For Me Monday', I thought that I would show off my new sock that I am working on.

This is my 'Angry Leprechaun' sock as of yesterday afternoon. I turned the heel last night and I'm still trying to figure out my swirls on the foot. The sun was so bright that the dark green yarn didn't show up against the green plastic chair (nothing but the best for my photo shoots!). This is my first time knitting up Neighborhood Fiber yarn. The colorway is 'Sheridan Circle'. I wanted a sock for St. Patty's Day, and after I started working with it I realized it was a little dark and stormy looking for St. Patty's Day. This is not kelly or clover green. It reminds me more of an angry leprechaun. Hence, the name of the sock.

I'd better go supervise my children. The twelve year olds are making Brownies unattended. AUGH.

Happy Knitting!

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Well, here it is. The unfinished 'Greenery Hat'.

I hit up six yarn stores yesterday trying to get some more of the Frog Tree Merino. Everyone sells the Alpaca, but very few deal the merino. It's a shame because that means very few of you know how very yummy this yarn is. It is like butter! So many of the yarn shops recommended using a different yarn to complete the hat. Then they felt the yarn and realized the error of their ways.

I do have a lead on a skein of possible yarn for me, though. I ran into Miss Sarah who used to work at the Celtic Knot, and she thinks she may have the yarn in question. What a gal!!!!!!!!

For those of you wondering which six yarn stores I hit I shall list them in order:
A Good Yarn in Fells Point
Lovely Yarns in Hampten
Woolworks on Falls Road
Woolstock in Glynden
Clover Hill in Catonsville
The Celtic Knot in Ellicott City

I also know that All About Yarn in Columbia does not sell this yarn either. Bummer.

I am having tons of fun knitting up a new sock while I am hunting down hat yarn. I am calling the sock my 'Angry Leprechaun' sock since the Neighborhood Fiber yarn I am using is darker shades of green. It is totally fun and getting lots of "Hey, what's that?" from knitters who have spied it.

Don't forget that tomorrow is 'Knitting For Me Monday'. Enjoy a little something for yourself!

Happy Knitting.