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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A Safe and Happy Halloween to you all!

This also means that you have less than two months until Christmas. How's that holiday knitting going for you? Better get crack a lackin' come November, because it's all down hill from here folks. This is just my way of adding some knitting scare to your Halloween!

Happy Knitting!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Give me a 'D'
Give me an 'O'
Give me an 'N'
Give me an 'E'

What's that spell?

Embossed Leaf Socks! That's whats that spells!

My son could not be happier due to the fact that his socks are up next. As a matter of fact, I'm turning the heel on his first sock already. This is his first pair of socks from his mother, and he was very soon to losing patience waiting for them. Don't blame him really, considering how many his sister and I own. I'm doing his in some self striping blue and brown 'OnLine' sock yarn. Hope I don't like them so much that I try to steal them. That would be bad!

Here's hoping I get them done in lightning speed to get on with those 'Cyndi Lauper' socks that I can't wait to work on!

Happy Knitting!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Death is sweet! My death came yesterday at 4:19pm in the form of a pair of Sea Blue Lion Brand Magic Stripes socks. Sock Wars is over for me. I only got to knit one pair due to spending 11 days looking for my next weapon. I never did find them! Kind of makes me why I knit a pair and a half of socks in one day. Oh, well. Thank you Miss Erika for sending knitterly love my way.

Also yesterday, I received my Socks That Rock package. The yarn is delectable and the pattern---- is by Miss Harlot herself! It's true! I could just squeal at the yumminess of it all.

What an awesome sock day it was. Now if I could just finish those Embossed Leaf socks....

Happy Knitting!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Rumor has it that my last 'Socks That Rock' package ships tomorrow. I enjoy getting yarn in the mail, but will not be signing up for this particular club again next year. I have way to much sock yarn to be shelling out that amount of money.

Speaking of having too much sock yarn, I wanted to be at the Neighborhood Fiber event tomorrow night in Alexandria,VA but A) I have too much sock yarn and B) I'm still broke from Stitches and C)I've been soooo tired lately!!!! There is no way I would be able to drive down and back without taking a very long nap. This exhaustion has put a serious crimp in my knitting time as well. I look at my yarn and want to knit it, but yet have no strength to actually pick it up let alone work on it. Any activity occuring after 6pm is out for me lately. I did manage to make it to the Knitting Guild last week, but thought I was just going to curl up in a ball and sleep during half of it. Sleeeeep, sleeep... that is all that is on my mind! My poor kids have even had to put themselves to bed because I am out like a light well before their bed time. They wake me up for kisses, and back I go to lala land. I would say this looks like only daytime sit n knits for me, but I'm back at work and have no days to knit either. What's a gal to do?

Speaking of work, I better get moving. Happy Knitting

Monday, October 22, 2007

I've decided that I have way too much knitting that I want to be doing RIGHT NOW. Like, move to the top of the list, must knit immediately type of stuff.

I have a plan.

For those of you into Harry Potter books and/or movies, think back to 'The Prisoner of Azkaban'. Hermione had a nifty little necklace that allowed her to travel through time so that she could take multiple classes at the same time, therefore getting more work done. I need this! Think of all of the knitting that I could complete with one of those thingamabobies. And I could work at the same time, thus having money to spend on more yarn when I eventually in a couple decades (even with the time travel thingy) run out of yarn.


Until that time, however, I'm a little behind in my knitting so- gotta run.

Happy Knitting!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

I have but one word to give, and that word is 'Albannach'. For those of you up on your Celtic languages, it means "Scottish" or "Scotsman". It also is the name of an amazing Celtic drumming and pipe band out of Glasgow that is, in one word, primal.

'Albannach' made their debut at the Maryland Renaissance Faire today, and will be there again tomorrow. It is their second to last gig in the states before heading back over to Scotland for the remainder of the year. If you can- go!!!!!

We first learned of this band through a lovely festival with an unfortunate date. It happens to be the first weekend in May. For those of you not on the east coast, this is a very bad weekend to hold an event. It is the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. No amount of tribal drumming with hot guys is going to get me away from the yarn. Sad, I know.

Luckily for us knitters, they are now available for our adoring eyes and ears on other days of the year. Yeah us! Hot Celts in kilts with talent. Need I say more?????? I'm so happy, I'm ok with the fact that my Sock War status has been changed to dying. I may be a doomed warrior, but I'll go down happy as a clam!

Happy Knitting!

Friday, October 19, 2007

One of my purchases from Stitches East was the Berrocco Peruvia to make the Tilted Duster that is on the cover of the Interweave Knits Fall 2007. The question is, if I start now can I wear it to my high school reunion the day after Thanksgiving? I soooo want to wear something awesome that I have knit, and it is a casual event.

I have not attended any of the prior reunions and am not really looking forward to this one. It's on a boat. In November. A) you can't get off a moving boat if the event is not quite as fun as all the Hollywood movies make it out to be B) this event will call for alchohol, and moving boats and lots of drinks may not be wise and C)it's November people! We couldn't get a normal place??? Our proms were always held on the same boat, so perhaps they were going for a stroll down memory lane. Yeah, yeah- whatever. It's a little too Bruce Springstein 'Glory Days' for my taste.

Perhaps it's time to do that dreaded thing I don't believe in. Yes, it's true. I think it's time to swatch.

Happy Knitting!

Monday, October 15, 2007

I knit a sock and a half in one day yesterday! My hands looked like swollen sausages, but that weapon is on it's way to it's intended target. Look out Oregon, a pair of Scar Socks is on it's way!

This is shameful. I have another pair of socks that the second sock has been on the needles since July. I must motivate myself to get all my projects done as quickly as my Sock War projects!

I of course will no longer be cooking or cleaning or any of the other things that keep me from knitting. However, I still will be driving. Miss Cathy got a picture of me knitting and driving while on the way home from Stitches on Sunday. Perfect to calm the nerves in traffic if you ask me.

Happy Knitting!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

What a whirl wind weekend!

Stitches East and Sock Wars and children...oh my!

This cliff notes version is I now own 26 cents to my name after all my purchases have been added up, I'm on my second sock for Sock Wars, and I still spent quality time with the boy child while his sister was away camping with the church group.


The good news is I get to head on back to work tomorrow so I have more than 26 cent. The bad news is I get to head on back to work tomorrow and slow my sock knitting down. Must...finish...sock! Oh, my priorities.

Happy Knitting to you all!

Friday, October 12, 2007

I get home from Stitches East today to find that Sock Wars have started!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought it was tomorrow, but I guess it is tomorrow in Ireland where the creator of Sock Wars lives.

Let the games begin!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Stitches East has started!
I already have purchased more sock yarn than I should have. I also picked up my signed copy of Kaffe Fassett's new book since I heard his talk this evening. I'm making sure I hit up the Kristin Nicholas talk tomorrow at 11:45 and getting her book as well. I got to meet and chat with her this evening and she is so very cool. Not to mention her designs are sooo fun!
I also got to meet Large Marge's sock war assassin from last year while standing in line (ironically) to buy sock yarn. Ninga Knitter is her name and I'm so glad I got a chance to meet her!
Also got to meet Karida and Erika from Nighborhood Fiber Co. These ladies are a trip! Stop by their booth and check out the goods.
Speaking of checking out the goods, there were alot of purple sock yarn bags out there tonight with Storm Moon Knits yarn inside. And while you are there picking up the yarn, check out the shawl pins at the Celtic Knot that are selling for $10 and $14. That's right! Not a typo! Not $45 opr $55. Also make sure you check out the new Elanore Francis needles.
Off to sleep so I can be there at the crack o dawn for my class.
Hope to see you there!
Happy shopping!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

More Pictures!
Everyone loved holding the Storm Moon Knits yarn.

Here is our mascot of the day. Buggy! What kind of a bug buggy is, we do not know. I do know that buggy loves fiber! Buggy would not stop loving our hand knit items!
Behold! The two amazingly awesome skeins of Neighborhood Fibers sock yarn that were donated by the designer herself. We are not worthy! Luckily, there was not a fist fight over this yarn, so I think Mr. Mike will invite us back next year.

Team Knitting was great! Knitters of all ages and experience levels can participate.

All of the navy was knit at the Knit-A-Thon. The blanket changes colors ever time it is at a new event so that it tells a story of the knitting process. Each color way is like a ring on a tree trunk. The navy grew bigger and bigger as the day went on. For those of you interested in working on it again, the blanket will be at the Oct. 17th Central Maryland Knitting Guild meeting, as well as the Oct. 18th sit 'n knit at the Lakeside Cafe.

Now, on to Stitches East! Only two days until my first event on Thursday.
Does anyone want my class on Friday????
Happy Knitting.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Time for some Knit-A-Thon 2007 pictures!

The first coffee of the day went to Miss Sheila. She arrived at 8:30 (or so I'm told since I was running behind and didn't arrive until 9).

The first spill of the day went to Miss Kathy L. The time was not recorded.

I am quick to point out that Miss Kathy's spill joins my spill from the 2006 Columbia Arts Festival. The stain is still there. And apparently lonely and in need of companionship. Which it now has!
Lots of knitters found the Lakeside Cafe. For some, it took awhile, but they found it none the less. Some of these knitters even brought goodies, such as home made Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookies!
Yummy cookies are always the way to introduce yourself to a new group of knitters! Thank you Miss Laurie.

I must run off to work and post more pictures later.

Before I do, I would very much like to thank Miss Carol from the Celtic Knot. As the organizer of the Knit-A-Thon, I get to arrange for some pretty darn awesome prizes to be given out. Occasionally, it makes me quite sad to have to part with some of these items. The plan is to try to make sure EVERYONE leaves the Knit-A-Thon with some sort of prize to thank them for their hard work. Exept me of course. This year Miss Carol took note of my reluctance to part with one particular prize, and very very kindly sent Large Marge to deliver me a prize of me own yesterday. Yes, it's true. I am now the proud owner of my own Size 'S' (for Sam) crochet hook from Elanore Francis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Miss Carol!

A huge thanks also goes out to Miss Beth for introducing my family to Berger Cookies. How have I lived in this state for 12 years and not had their yummy goodness before????

Happy Knitting!

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Here's the complete list of door prizes that were donated to this year's Knit-A-Thon:

Local Dyers & Designers

Storm Moon Knits
Custom Designed Sock Yarn and Stitch Markers

Neighborhood Fibers
Two Skeins of Custom Designed Sock Yarn

Sheila Rovelstad Designs
Custom Designed Stitch Markers and Felted Notions Bag

Local Yarn Stores

Celtic Knot Yarn Shop
Complete Set of ‘Elanore Francis’ Crochet Hooks Valued at $84.50

A Knitter’s Nest
$50 Gift Certificate

Cloverhill Yarn Shop
Two $15 Gift Certificates

Knittin’ Chicks
$25 Gift Certificate

All About Yarn
‘Knit One Crochet Too’ Kit Valued at $22

‘Family Album of Knits’ Book


Chevys in Arundel Mills
Dinner for Two & $50 in Discounted Meals

Blue Star Grill in Arundel Mills
Dinner for Two & Five Complimentary Meals

Aida Bistro & Wine Bar
$25 Gift Certificate

Two Complimentary Meals

Fractured Prune
$25 Gift Certificate

Lakeside Cafe
1 Pound Bag of Coffee & Free Coffee To First Knitter
(Not to Mention Use of Facility!!!!)

Individual Donations

Anonymous Donor
One Bag (10 Skeins) Mission Falls 1824 Yarn

Miss Stacey
Two Pashmina Scarves
Four ‘Tula Bug’ Gift Baskets Valued at $245

Miss Beth
Circular Needle Holder

Large Marge
‘Felt Frenzy’ Book

Thank You to all who donated and to all who helped get the donations for us!!!!!!
The Third Annual Knit-A-Thon will be held October 4th, 2008. It's never to early to start collecting more prizes!

Happy Knitting!

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Anything hand knit is tangible love. It's a gift of self. And the knitters of those garments are giving their wearers a permanent hug.
-Bruce Hallmark
Interweave Knits
What an amazing day! Thank you to all who came and knit the day away. It was great to see so many people I already knew, as well as meet so many new friends. And we even had to get kicked out at 6:00!
I apologize to any knitters who came late. I crashed around 2 due to the heat and lack of rest this week. I didn't get to fully thank everyone for all of their wonderfulness. Every last stitch was appreciated, and I regret no being able to express to you all how full it made my heart to see your collective hard work. Thank you so much!
Your donations to the FISH food pantry was amazing as well! Your generosity is overwhelming.
Pictures of all will follow, including our big bug mascot for the day.
Finally... some sleep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Happy Knitting!

Thursday, October 04, 2007

And the awesome prizes just keep on coming in!!!!

It is beginning to be a little overwhelming. I am only one gal with an enormous yarn addiction. How am I supposed to happily hand over all this great stuff come Saturday?

KnitGlit picked up two skeins of Neighborhood Fiber sock yarn donated by the designer. I had never gotten a chance to see this much talked about yarn, and I am very glad that I am not housing it for two days. It would send me over the edge. You would find me locked in my closet petting it happily.

Miss Stacey brought in two great gift baskets (Large Marge did not trust me after the Storm Moon sock yarn incident and took these baskets to her house) and two gift certificates to Fuddrucker's and one gift certificate to Aida's.

The complete set of crochet needles have surfaced from the Celtic Knot. OMG! It's enough to drive you non-crocheters to use the single hook! My personal favorite is the size 'S' hook. As Carol herself would say, " It's a crochet hook, a date, and a home security device all in one!"

Moving on, (if I can after that one!) Miss Sheila's wonderful stitch markers are fabulous and in their own felted bag. So So So Very Cute! Pink of course for October.

It's all too much!

Thanks to all the K1P2 knitters who helped knit the Team Knitting Blanket tonight. Miss Sheila knit the center squares for us and they are so beautiful. One blanket is ready to go for Saturday and two are waiting in the wings.

Once again, I want you all to know how much I appreciate everything you all have done to make this event happen! I am overwhelmed and grateful for all of the support. Thank you!

Remember, it's never too late to cast on a charity project. Hope to see you Saturday!

Happy Knitting!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

80 degrees and mostly sunny is the report 'The Baltimore Sun' is giving me for Saturday! This means we can bring our portable chairs and hang out in the great outdoors as well as inside the Lakeside Cafe. The cafe has a great view of the lake and all of the trees make for a lovely shaded area to sit 'n knit.

More door prizes are coming in every day! A $25 gift certificate from 'Knittin' Chicks', a soap and yarn kit valued at $22 from 'All About Yarn', crochet needles from 'Celtic Knot', and a $25 gift certificate from 'Fractured Prune'. (Yummmmm) Also, Mr. Mike has agreed to a special prize. A free coffee goes to our first knitter to arrive for the Knit-A-Thon. The early bird gets the coffee!

Thank you to Wanda for supplying our Knit-A-Thon banner which is up at the Lakeside Cafe (we know and like that it is crooked. It's part of our advertising plan)

Thanks to all who are helping behind the scenes. It's been a bumpy month, and I couldn't have done it alone!

Don't forget our warm up to the Knit-A-Thon this Thursday night from 6-8 pm at the Lakeside.

Happy Knitting!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

October is a busy month, ad I know ALOT of othre charity events are being held on Saturday Oct. 6th. If you are involved in another event on Saturday, but still have items to donate to the Knit-A-Thon, please bring your hand knit or crochet items to the K1P2 Sit 'n Knit on Thursday night at the Lakeside Cafe between 5:30-8pm. Plan to stay and knit if you like, or just come and drop off your donations. Items for the FISH Food Pantry will also be accepted on Thursday evening. (Hint: the dollar store is a great place to pick up alot of the food pantry items if you do not already have extra in your home)

I'm so excited to see all of you in the next couple of days! If you haven't started any charity projects for the event yet, just think preemie hats or little hand mits for the babies so they don't scratch themselves. Tiny and quick!!!

Happy Knitting!

Monday, October 01, 2007

Want to get an extra raffle ticket for this years prizes at the Knit-A-Thon on Saturday???? Here's how...

Along with your hand knit/crocheted items you are donating, simply raid your pantry and bring any of the following items:

*cooking oil
*spaghetti O's
*spaghetti sauce
*milk (powdered or canned)
*laundry detergent
*toilet paper
*paper towels
*canned meat (no tuna please)
*potatoes (powdered or canned)
*pancake mix

These items will be going to help stock the FISH food pantry here in Howard County!!! Spread the word and help make a difference in our community.

Happy Knitting!