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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!!!! Enjoy a safe and fun night of tricks and treats. (When do we knitters get to go around with a bag and have people put skeins of yarn inside????)

Monday, October 30, 2006

For those of you waiting for the results of the Knit-A-Thon, I thank you for your patience. My paying job has not been cooperating, and my knitting has actually taken a back seat for the past 2 weeks. But now, we have the results you have been waiting for!

The big winner was the Preemie Hats! 45 preemie hats were collected (I didn't count how many were Miss Sheila's!)

32 scarves were collected for the SOS Project! Keep in mind, you can keep knitting the scarves and we can keep getting them to the women undergoing breast cancer surgery at Howard County Hospital this year!

2 Children's sweaters were donated, 5 washclothes, and 5 pairs of wool socks. Numerous Chemotherapy Caps were donated, but I did not get the final count before Miss Margaret wisked them away to their destination. 20 knit hats for children and adults were collected.

You all helped to hand knit items for over 100 members of our community!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for the outpouring of support that was given to this event!

The first annual Knit-A-Thon was organized in only one months time. The second annual Knit-A-Thon is going to be a year in the making, so start knitting now! See you next year...

Saturday, October 28, 2006

As we were leaving to go to a Halloween Party tonight, we checked the mailbox and found that my Secret Pal 9 pal had struck again. "Knitty Pooh" had individually wrapped lots of treats for us in a box that was once again missing a location stamp from the postal service (tricky- this one!)
Let's start with the yarn. In my lap sits a very happy skein of Fearless Fibers 100% Superwash Merino Wool in the Mermaid colorway. Why is it happy you ask. Because it knows it is soon to become one cool pair of socks, that's why!!! The Hemp Yarn in Berry Blue is a great addition to my stash because I did not have any hemp yet. (Did I just use a sentence containing both of the words hemp and stash? If I am no longer blogging after this entry- you know why!) A mysterious skein of 70% Mohair 30% wool in verigated greens joined the other two skeins. Another knitting gift was the coolest magnetic bookmarker with a sweater on the needles on the front. Very very cool!
Non-knitting items included Halloween candies, candles, playing cards, greeting card, stress ball (who me- need a stress ball? hahahahahah) , and Curious George fall sticky notes.
Pampering me further were a bar of handcrafted vanilla soap from Flower Moon Soaps, and a sugar scrub from Laughing Turtle Soap Co.!
Yeah me and double Yeah to my SP9 pal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you, thank you! I hope you are getting just as spoiled :-)

As for the Halloween Party we attended, a rockin' good time was had by young and old alike. Can't wait to follow it up with the Birthday Party for boy child's godfather tomorrow. I'm looking forward to watching some football, and getting some knitting done.

Until next time.... happy knitting!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

I'm looking forward to going to Stitches East next week, and I still have to round up my supplies needed for the class I took next Friday. Normally I am not into taking classes. I taught myself to knit out of Melanie Falik's "Kids Knitting" book, and have only paid for one class since then. My theory is, if I pay to take a class- that is less yarn money I have to spend. I am an intelligent gal. I may not be using my college education for much these days, but I figure I can figure most techniques through all the knitting books at the library. However, I became intrigued by a Swedish mitten technique. Luckily, no homework is needed to be done prior to this class (there is some bit of knitting to be done prior to some of these classes).
There is a collection going on for Caps for Kids during th Stitches event. All of you charity knitters out there should check out their website and get those needles clicking!
Off to Sit 'N'Knit tonight. Hope to see you there!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

My first package arrived from my secret pal 9 pal! It arrived when I needed a great pick me up, and I was so happy just to get something for me that I actually just looked at the package for a while. It didn't even matter what was in it- I was so happy to get something!!!! Finally Large Marge couldn't handle it anymore and made me open it.
I would insert a picture here, but I am dependent on others for digital help. So let's try using our imaginations to invision a 2007 knitting calendar and a sherlock holmes card! Just what I needed after a longggggggg work week. Thank you, thank you to my SP9 Pal- whomever you might be.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Finally, A picture from the Knit-A-Thon. Check out ALL THOSE KNITTERS! More Pictures and updates to follow.

I did want to update you all on my newest charity project. During the sit-n-knit before the Knit-A-Thon, I rescued a sock project from a fellow knitter who had had just about enough of said sock. She was tired of the yarn, the fact that the sock was for her husband's size 11 feet, and the whole sock knitting in general! With this in mind, I decided to take charity knitting to a new level. Lets look at our fellow knitters projects, and do a project swap when it looks like the project is heading toward the UFO pile. This way, we save the project from it's unfinished fate, we save our fellow knitter from cussing at the project, and we give ourselves something new to knit without purchasing the yarn for it! Speaking of yarn, I have to agree with the owner of the project, the yarn is icky. But I was in need of mindless knitting, and boy did I get it!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

All work and no knitting has kept me from reporting our final numbers of the items we collected for the Knit-A-Thon. I promise to post them on Sunday evening. Until then, I will have dreams of knitting, and know that once this week is over, I will get to do what I truely love- instead of what pays the bills.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

My daughter, who refuses to knit, was so inspired by yesturday's Knit-A-Thon that she just finished her first project! She has started many projects, yet finished none before this. She started and finished a pumpkin preemie hat in two days! Now that makes me know that yesturday was a success!

My Seceret Pal group wants me to list my favorite items so I can be eligible to win a prize. Since I organized the Knit-A-Thon I wasn't eligible for any of the great door prizes, so let's hope I win this!

Actor -don't have one
Actress -don't have one
Animal - sheep, they give us wool and good food
Band -musical taste is too varied to have a favorite
Book -Harry Potter Series
Bubble Bath -anything besides floral scents
Candy - dark chocolate
Color -No favorite, but drawn to earthy greens and such
Drink- Patron Silver Margarita, or good decaf tea
Flower - Gardenia
Food - I love all food
Lip Balm - Bath & Body Works. It also freshens your breath
Lotion -Bath & Body Works Shea Butter
Movie -Sixteen Candles. I think I still love Jake Ryan!
Place-back home in Pittsburgh with my family
Song - Tom Petty "Free Falling"
TV Show - Monday Night Football
Yarn-that's like picking a favorite child!
Vacation Spot - Yarn shopping in NewYork City

Saturday, October 14, 2006

What a great time we had today!!!!!!! Lots of knitters took over the Lakeside Cafe for 5 hours and got to know each other while knitting items for charity. 21 door prizes were given out, and here's the list of who won what:

* Great Harvest Bread Co. bread basket- Heather Jefferson
*Dinner for two at Chevys went to four different people-Miss Bonnie, Jean Chadderton, Coleen Foley, and Miss Rebecca
*$25 Gift Certificate to Let's Dish-Cathy Frantz
*$20 Gift Certificate to Le Gourmet Chef- Margaret Lagera
*Two people won $15 Gift Certificates to Cloverhill Yarn Shop-Jeanette Sphon and Jill Levin
*A Fiber Fest scarf kit from All About Yarn- Jolene Mosley
* Bag of Lakeside Cafe Hazelnut 1Lb coffee-Debbie Allison. 1lb bag of French Roast coffee-Carole Hanson
*A lambskin journal donated by Miss Bonnie- Terri Schod
*Elizabeth Austin needle case from the Celtic Knot Yarn Shop-Miss Sheila (By the way HAPPY BIRTHDAY , and thank you for spending it with us!!!!!!!!)
*Five people won bags of Plymouth Yarn Dreambaby D.K. with two balls per bag from Celtic Knot Yarn Shop-Alice Kolasny, Kathy Schneider, Kathy Yetz, Cyndi Jacobson, and Kathleen Hart.
*Miss Sheila provided two knitters with her stitch markers (which are sold at All About Yarn)- Beth Singer, and Christine Yale.

Tons of items were collected for charity. If you are wondering if you can still donate items, the answer is YES. Items will be collected every Thursday night at the Lakeside Cafe from 6-8 (except Thur. Nov 2nd- we will be at Stitches East).

If you are wondering what happens to the NittanyKnits blog now that the Knit-A-Thon is over, do not despair. You will still be able to find out about many different charities to knit for, and keep updated on the progress of next year's knitting event, and perhaps a couple events in between.

Thanks to all of those who helped out and/or donated door prizes!! Special thanks goes out to Large Marge for everything, Javajem for the blog, and Mr. Mike for hosting our event.

Happy Knitting to all, and to all a good night!

Friday, October 13, 2006

Tomorrow is the big day!!!! More door prizes keep on coming in, so make sure you are bringing in your scarves, and premie hats, and blankets, and everything else to the donation table. Members form the SOS project will be there all day long to answer any questions about their great charity. We have received 11 scarves for them already and the event hasn't even started! This means we still need 139 scarves to make our goal. Call your friends, use big needles, do what you need to do! I can't wait to meet you all!!!!!!!!!! Until tomorrow- Happy Knitting!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

I love this baby hat. I have to make ALOT more of these.

The Door Prizes just keep rolling in! Let's Dish in Columbia donated a $25 Gift Certificate. If you haven't been to this place you have got to check it out! Also, The Great Harvest Bread Co. is donating a bread basket. YUMM! All of these businesses have been so kind to this event! The senior director of communications for the Howard County General Hospital has contacted the Howard County Times newspaper and they may be taking photos the day of the event. A big thanks goes out to EVERYONE who is doing so much to make this event such a big success. We are already planning next year's event. The Second Annual Knit-A-Thon will be held October 2007. Be sure to hold the date!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

I opened up my mailbox yesturday to find my both a half finished pair of Sock War socks destined for my next target, and my death socks. It's official, my days in Sock Wars are over. Javajem took pics of my awesome socks that came to me from a great lady named Helen in England. I will post the pictures when I get them. She even sent me a little chocolate treat in one of the socks. It was almost as good as the socks! I felt so spoiled.

The socks were the first thing that Helen had made for anyone outside of her family, and they were the first hand knit item someone else had ever knit for me. It is amazing knowing someone I don't know made something for me. My son would say that the feeling I have is like someone is hugging my heart! This is the feeling I hope that many people will get when they receive the items we knit for them and collect this Saturday!!!!!!!! We make so many things that we forget how special it is to get these items.

Have a great knitting day

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

If you have all the yarn and needles and knitting items you need (is this possible?), perhaps your stomach will be interested in some of our other door prizes. Le Gourmet Chef in the Columbia Mall, for instance. They are donating a $20 gift certificate. Chevys in Arundel Mills Mall is giving us two certificates good for dinner for two. Date night!!!! For you coffee lovers, the Lakeside Cafe is not only giving us a place to knit, but donating one 2lb bag of regular coffee, and one 2lb bag of decaf coffee. "Will knit for food" will be our motto!

The people from the SOS project for Howard County Hospital are soooo grateful that we are supporting their charity and collecting scarves for their baskets for women undergoing breast cancer surgery! I just received another e-mail from them saying that they will be coming to the Knit-A-Thon, and would love it if you all would put tags on your scarves with you names and/or mesages of hope for the women so that they would know someone cared enough to spend time making something for someone they did not know. Please spread the word and let your neddlecraft buddies know about the scarves we are collecting. Remember, our gaol is 150. If 30 people bring 5 -we have reached our goal! I have 4, I better get knitting...

Monday, October 09, 2006

Javajem had a fashion shoot of some of my finished projects, so I'm sharing with you all.

This feather and fan scarf is made out of Rowan Tapestry. LOVE THIS YARN!

These are my favorite socks out of the spring 2006 Interweave Knits. Louet Gems Opal makes for quick socks. These were made for my daughter, so I wanted a picture of them before she trashes them.

Getting door prizes for your knitting is just a bit like Christmas, wouldn't you say? I have already been contacted by one gal who cannot attend the Knit-A-Thon and wanted to drop off scarves. I now have 6 scarves to start the items being donated and she is already entered into the raffle. If you cannot be at the Lakeside on Saturday, just come on down Thursday night between 6 and 8 to drop off your items and be entered. Also you will get to meet some of the gang from the weekly sit 'n knit.

Three local yarn shops have shown their support by donating door prizes to us. The first store to respond was the Celtic Knot yarn shop (with their new location in the Normany Shopping Center) who donated a bag of yarn and a needle case. Next up, Cloverhill yarn shop (located in Catonsville, with quilting, and needlepoint store right next to them!) donated two $15 gift certificates, and finally All About Yarn (celebrating their second anniversary) donated a scarf kit. Please show your support to all of these stores!!!!!!!!!!!!! Without them, we would be driving alot farther to get to good yarn.

Also, I want to note that this event would not be happening without the kind and continued support of Mr. Mike from the Lakeside Cafe. We love the location for sitting and knitting at anytime. If you haven't checked out the warm atmosphere and comfy chairs and great view, you are missing out! My kids also suggest you try the peanut butter cup smoothie, but my favorite is the chicken salad sandwich! Without the Lakeside cafe, we would have been doing this event on some benches without a tent in case of rain. Could have been very soggy. However, we know it will be a great day weather wise because we have an indoor location. The great part about the Lakeside Cafe is outside seating is also available for you! Check it out.

Happy Knitting!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

I joined my first secret pal group and I am supposed to answer a set of questions before next Sunday. Yes, after doing nothing but telling my children how horrible it is to make friends with stangers on the internet- I go ahead and do just that! What is the line about do as I say- not as I do? Anyway, I apologize to those looking for the Knit-a-Thon info. Tomorrow we are back to all Knit-A-Thon all the time until Saturday Oct. 14th. Until then... on with the questionaire

1. What is/are your favorite yarn/s to knit with? What fibers do you absolutely *not* like?
Alpaca and anything soft find their way home with me. Not alot of novelty yarns come my way.
2. What do you use to store your needles/hooks in?
Dpns and crochet hooks in a pouch, Straights and circs in a case
3. How long have you been knitting & how did you learn? Would you consider your skill level to be beginner, intermediate or advanced?
I taught myself to knit 2 1/2 years ago out of a kids knitting book from the library. I would say Intermediate and climbing
4. Do you have an Amazon or other online wish list?
I'm looking to get one on knitpicks
5. What's your favorite scent? (for candles, bath products, etc.)
I love the smell of coffee even though I don't drink it. Cinnamon, citrus, lavender, and almond.
6. Do you have a sweet tooth? Favorite candy?
Yep, dark chocolate, toffee, heck- just about anything in my kids Halloween candy bags.
7. What other crafts or Do-It-Yourself things do you like to do? Do you spin?
I do not spin, yet. I do other crafts, but they are hobbies. Knitting is an obsession
8. What kind of music do you like? Can your computer/stereo play MP3s? (if your buddy wants to make you a CD)
Love all kinds. I can do the mp3 thing, but haven't yet. Learning more computer stuff takes time from knitting. I'll get around to it- someday.
9. What's your favorite color(s)? Any colors you just can't stand?
I seem to be drawn to green, but all colors are welcome!
10. What is your family situation? Do you have any pets?
I am a single mom of ten year old twins (Boy and Girl) who will be 11 in January. No pets yet, but I've been checking out the cats at the shelter recently.
11. Do you wear scarves, hats, mittens or ponchos?
All but ponchos. Except that one I made back when the craze was "In". I still bring that out every now and again.
12. What is/are your favorite item/s to knit?
As long as I'm knitting, it's my favorite item. I would knit grass with branches if I had to. I have been known to teach people how to knit at resturants with straws and ribbon from balloons. My children are often frightened.
13. What are you knitting right now?
Sock of doom, wrist warmers for the girl child, stuff for the Knit-A-Thon. Then when I get that cleared out- I'm starting a sweater (I think)
14. Do you like to receive handmade gifts?
But of course, darling!
15. Do you prefer straight or circular needles? Bamboo, aluminum, plastic?
Circulars. Love my Denise. Also use dpns.
16. Do you own a yarn winder and/or swift?
No, still lusting after them. Also the meter reader that tells you how much yarn you actually have of that great handspun, before you start the project that requires more than you have.
17. How old is your oldest UFO?
That would be a scarf I started making for my mother out of the Steeler colors during last year's playoff games. After we won the superbowl, I was drained and needed a break. Now we can't win, and it's depressing to look at.
18. What is your favorite holiday?
Everyday is a holiday in our house, but I must admit- my birthday holds a special place amongst the rest of the special days.
19. Is there anything that you collect?
I love sheep stuff. I collect all sorts of yarn that I never intend on knitting, because it is just that perfect. I collect dust, because housecleaning cuts into knitting time.
20. Any books, yarns, needles or patterns out there you are dying to get your hands on? What knitting magazine subscriptions do you have?
I have subscriptions to Interweave Knits, Vogue Knitting, and Knit Simple. Would love more. I have no addi turbos yet and am not sure how I have survived to this date. Any handspun yarn is coveted since I do not spin yet.
21. Are there any new techniques you'd like to learn?
I have not done lace yet, and also want to start dyeing my own wool
22. Are you a sock knitter? What are your foot measurements?
Yes, yes, and yes. US size 9
23. When is your birthday? (mm/dd)
December 30

Bye the bye, I'm in a condo and United States Postal Service is the best way to deliver anything to me. UPS is not my friend. They withhold yarn from me. Thanks so much!!!!!!

Meet Duckie. He is the unofficial mascot of the K1P2 Sit 'N Knit. He was so kind as to stop and pose for a premie hat fashion show for us.

There are a ton of charities I could keep writing about, but let's just leave it at this- If you bring us a finished hand knit item on Saturday, we WILL find a grateful home for it!!!!
This week I will go into more detail about the fabulous door prizes. I will inspire you to knit even if I have to bribe you to do it!!!!
Just keep knitting, just keep knitting...

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Yet another week has gone by, and still no socks to knit for SockWars. Tomorrow will be 2 weeks since I finished the pair I sent out to my target. I didn't realize so much investigating and so little knitting would be required in this War! Secret Pal 9 is starting soon, so I'll have that to occupy me between Socks of Doom.

I am now using my ex's laptop until Tuesday to keep you up to date and informed about the Knit-A-Thon. I know most people do not communicate with their ex husbands and father of their children, yet I have to give huge props to mine for a second. He has done a ton of promoting for the Knit-A-Thon, and has even provided one of the great door prizes being given to people who bring in their handknit items for charity that day. Now I get use of the laptop to keep blogging my heart out. Lets not forget the fact that he has rearranged his schedule to keep the kids out of my hair during the event. A big gold star goes on his forehead for all the work he's doing behind the scenes for the Knit-A-Thon.

I finished my Noro Transitions multidirectional scarf for the SOS project last night. Now the question is, do you think the red scarf project might love some great handknit red socks to go with their red scarves? I've got a pair I need to finish and get off the needles, and if I was in college- I would want them. Inquiring minds want to know.

By the way, while I was at the library earlier I checked out the "Knit 2 Together" book by Tracy Ullman and Mel Clark. I am soooo loving this book!!! There are just so many projects I NEED to knit and so little time. Pretty soon, that job thing is just going to have to go!

Only one more week until I see you all at the Lakeside Cafe! If you want to join us for a warm-up, come on down Thursday night from 6-8. See you then.

So you want to knit something for the Knit-A-Thon, but both time and money are an issue (and for some strange reason you do not have a yarn stash.) Have I got the project for you!!!!!!!!!!

Premie Hats are wonderfully quick projects. Little heads need little hats! Grab your Joann's coupons and get yourself some size 5 double pointed needles and some microspun yarn and you are ready to go. In less than 2 hours you will be holding something that looks like its for a doll and not a baby. I had lots of pictures ready to show you how cute these are, but my computer monitor has died, and I am forced to use the VERY old computers at the local library to try to blog, and the computer wants no part of pictures. This just means you will have to trust me. They are cute!

Use your imagination! I've seen all kinds of little hats. Ladybugs, bumble bees, fruits, veggies, the list goes on! The teeny tiny babies need them to fit a lemon, others need to fit an orange. All are welcome! We will find a head for your hat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know lionbrand has a pattern for the premie hats, but I'm sure you websurfers can find a bunch of patterns and start creating.

So, now you no longer have an excuse for why you can't knit for next Saturday's Knit-A-Thon. Glad I could help you out. So what are you doing reading this blog? Get Knitting!!!!!!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

With October being Breast Cancer Awareness month, a large focus of the charity donations will undoubtably be on hand made items going to women with breast cancer. I've already talked about the SOS project and collecting 150 scarves to be distributed at Howard County General Hospital, and now let's get into the hats for chemotherapy patients.
A number of websites have great patterns for these hats. Make sure the yarn used for these hats are SUPER soft and do not contain novelty yarn, because the head is very sensative to the fibers.

One of the local yarn shops in the area has a chemo cap pattern called Colleen's Cap in honor of the owners mother. The site is

A larger Chemo cap pattern made for being able to wear a scarf underneath of it is

Enjoy the great knitting weather!!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Before I go on with more charities that need our hand made items, I must first confess that I inspired myself to start a Project Linus blanket! I also wanted to share this lovely story that has inspired me for many years now, written by Barbara Smith. It was found in the book 'Chicken Soup for the Christian Soul'. No matter what your religious affiliation, I think this story will warm your soul as it has mine.

In God's Hands a World of Mittens

It was time to dedicate the mitten tree at Emmanuel Congregational Church in Watertown, and time to reveal a decades-old secret. Since 1949, one woman had knitted dozens of pairs of mittens and matching hats that hung on the pine tree at the front of the church each Christmas, so many of them the tree's branches were laden as if with a heavy snow. But the woman insisted on remaining anonymous. Except to her family and a circle of friends, she was known only as "the mitten lady." And so when the mitten lady's identity was revealed that morning, Helen Bunce, 86 years old, sat quietly in her wheelchair, her daughter holding her hand. The members of the congregation began to applaud, then rose to their feet and gave her an ovation that lasted a full five minutes, able at last to thank the mitten lady in person for her many good works.

It was the last time she went to church. Helen Bunce died on Saturday.

The custom of the mitten tree began in 1949. Church members would collect mittens and hats, decorate a tree with them, then give them to poor children. Helen's best friend knew she knitted, and so she asked her if she would contribute. The first year, Helen made 25 sets of mittens and hats.

The Reverend Graham Hodges, who came to Emmanuel in 1956, talked to the children about the mitten tree one morning. He told them how children in Europe lined up to receive mittens from relief workers in the years following World War II. As the workers came to the end of a line one day, a little boy held out his hands to them. But by then they had run out of mittens. "The moral was, the need is unending," said Hodges. "We need another pair for that little boy." Helen Bunce took the talk to heart. She could not forget about that little boy and his cold hands, and so each year she tried to knit more. In each of the past 20 years she easily exceeded 100 sets of mittens and hats. Every one of them bore a handwritten tag attached with a gold safety pin: "God Loves You and So Do I." When she had reached her goal for the year, she knitted two more sets, one for a little girl and one for a little boy, the children at the end of the line. Those she hung on the mitten tree herself, or gave to one of the grandchildren to hang, a reminder of why she knitted, and whom she knitted for.

Helen followed one rule in her knitting: never finish one project without starting the next. As soon as Christmas passed, she began working toward the next year. Every time she finished a hat or mitten, she cast on the stitches for her next project on her needles, so her knitting would always be ready to pick up. "She felt as long as she was knitting those mittens, the Lord wouldn't take her," her daughter said. Helen told her family she wanted to be buried with her knitting needles. Her daughter remembered that on Saturday. She went back to her mother's room, planning to retrieve the needles that would be holding a final, unfinished project. She found a pink and white hat that had been completed, and then she saw the needles. Her mother had bound them neatly with a rubber band and stuck them in the skein of yarn, empty. Helen McDonald is certain of the reason: her mother had known her work was done.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Sit-N-Knit For Charity!
Join us for an all day
On Saturday October 14, 2006
the first annual Knit-A-Thon will be held in Columbia, MD.
This event hopes to collect knit and crochet items to be distributed to various local charities,
as well as unite members of the local needle arts community.
The Lakeside Café
10227 Wincopin Circle,
Columbia, MD
has kindly opened it’s doors to us to host this event from 10 am-3 pm.
Howard County is home to many great events for the needle arts, and we are hoping this event can become a yearly gathering of talent to contribute to the community, while enjoying
camaraderie of those who share our passion.
Team Knitting Event!
Have you ever done team knitting, where four people knit a blanket on circular needles at the same time? Beginning at 11 am, join other knitters to stitch a little, or a lot, to make a blanket in unison for charity. If you have never done it, this is a wonderful experience.
Door Prizes!
What could possibly make knitting and crocheting for charity more rewarding?
Prizes of course!
Everyone who donates completed knit or crochet items and drops them off
at the collection table during the Knit- A- Thon will be given a raffle ticket for door prizes that have been donated by local yarn shops and area businesses.
Prizes will be drawn at 3 pm.
Winners need not be present to win.

So -you are soooooo over the scarf thing, even if it is for a great cause. What else could get you digging through your stash and get your needles clickin'?? How about a blanket for Project Linus? Their mission is to provide love, a sense of security, warmth and comfort to children who are seriously ill, traumatized, or otherwise in need through the gifts of new, handmade blankets and afghans, lovingly created by volunteer “blanketeers”. As of March 31, 2006, the total number of donated blankets to this organization was 1,639,630!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Check out their website for patterns, if you don't have a favorite kids blanket pattern already . The blankets we collect on Oct. 14 will be given to the Howard County Chapter of Project Linus.I know some of you will think I have lost my mind, but CROCHETING goes alot quicker when making blankets. Try it, you might like it. Keep in mind, they donate to neo-natal units up to teenagers. All blankets must be washable, handcrafted, free of perfumes, smoke, and animal hair. The blankets must be in child friendly colors and patterns Every blanket includes the name and address of the blanketmaker.

Monday, October 02, 2006

S.O.S. (Survivors Offering Support) is another charity requesting scarves, but this time the scarves stay in our community. Each year more than 125 women undergo breast cancer surgery at Howard County General Hospital, and S.O.S. is an all volunteer organization of Breast Cancer survivors who help recently diagnosed women through the ordeal of treatment and recovery. As part of their efforts to guide patients through the recovery journey, SOS provides "Recovery Gift Bags", delivered by SOS volunteers, filled with needed "gifts" from local and national businesses to each breast cancer patient on the day of their surgery. We are looking for 150 handmade scarves to donate to this local charity. To learn more about this program, please contact Denise O'Neill, SOS Coordinator at The Center for Breast Care at Howard County General Hospital by calling (410) 884-4574.

So you want to come to the Knit-A-Thon, but you're not sure what type of things to knit or crochet for charity. The next couple of bolgs will hopefully inspire you to grab some yarn and make some great items. Let's start with the Red Scarf project. This is Miss Sarah, who works at the Celtic Knot in Ellicott City, MD. She is a very gifted knitter who designed this scarf for the 2005 Knit Out in Washington DC. The people at The Orphan Foundation Of America loved Miss Sarah's scarf soooooo much that they named their project to collect handmade scarves for foster youth in transition- The Red Scarf Project. (By the by- Miss Sarah took first place in the scarf contest for the Knit Out judged by Ms. Nicki Epstein herself!) Any red scarves collected at the October 14 Knit-A-Thon will be going to this great charity. Get all your red yarn out of your stash, and see what inspires you! For more information about the Red Scarf Project, go to

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Today was another great day for hitting the pavement and asking yarn stores to post the flyers for the Knit-A-Thon. Knittin' Chicks in Mt. Airy, Md is getting ready to send out a newsletter, and kindly said that the news of the Knit-A-Thon would be added to their newsletter. The store has only been open since last July, but has an amazing database of local knitters already. Thank you for getting the news out to all the knitters and crocheters! Also the Celtic Knot Yarn Shop in Ellicott City has already tried contacting local newspapers with news of the event. Thank you for service above and beyond the call of duty! If nothing else comes of organizing this event, I have learned how wonderfully blessed we are to live in such a close proximity to so many wonderful yarn stores run by such kind people. If only everyone was a yarn obsessed knitter. The only wars would be over who gets the last skein of sale yarn!